Forms management

Are you a business that requires various printed pieces to be ordered over and over again? Does the price always change from order to order? Do you need more control over you inventory of these items?

DT Marshall offers a potential solution: an online store front. The pricing is pre-negotiated, so all items in your store is priced. The items can only be seen and managed by you. You order how many you need. DT Marshall delivers or you can pick up when ready. You order only what you need, when you need it.

For example, a large restaurant holding company has various restaurants with their own identities. To keep control of costs, they’ve set up an ordering system through our store front. They go online, check off which restaurant needs what and how many of each item is needed. We just process and deliver. Each restaurant keeps it’s own identity and the main office keeps control on costs.

Let us know if this might be a solution.

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