How Do I or What’s New? Ask Todd!

Something new: Printed frisbee with your logo flying through the air. Yep! We can do that too.

Q. How do I send files to DTMarshall Printing & Mailing?

A. You can email files under 10Mb to, upload files, 2Mb or smaller, using the convenient Contact Us form on the sidebar to the right or drop files on our FTP site. We also use Dropbox. Contact us for further information about our FTP or Dropbox credentials.

Q. How do I send fonts with my print files? And, is it necessary?
A. All fonts must be included with the native files to insure proper printing. Fonts come from various sources, and not all sources are created equal. So, our font inventory might not match yours. Including fonts ensures your expectations are better met, and your design doesn’t change, such as rewrapped paragraphs or other unintended alterations. Most design software for print has “packaging” software that will include all fonts with your native files.

Q. Do PDF’s work? How do I create them?
A. Yes, we print from PDF’s all the time. Note they must be created as a hi-res, CMYK PDF. We have a PDF brochure we can e-mail you with instructions. If you get confused, let us help you. Contact us for assistance.

Q. What if I have changes after I provide you a file?
A.  If you have provided us PDF’s, there is little we can do. For this reason, we prefer native files with fonts. It is also why we print out digital proofs for all jobs, besides the digital soft proof we e-mail you.

Q. If I can’t store all my printing, how can I warehouse my printing job?
A. DTMarshall Printing & Mailing can help you. And it’s free! Just let us know when you place your order.

Q. How do I know that print is effective?
A. According to the USPS, DMA and other sources:

  • 14% of teenagers check their mail every day.
  • 80% of households either read or scan direct mail advertising mails.
  • The average response rates for mailed catalog orders is 2.24% vs. only 0.48% for emails.
  • 76% of customers have been directly influenced to purchase something due to mailed promotion.
  • Direct mail-to-web or cross media campaigns can increase response rates by 25% or greater, especially if you incorporate variable data.

Hence, we believe that including print is very cost effective.

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