Foil | Die Cutting | Embossing

DTMarshall has a variety of letterpresses. With them, we offer:

  • Die cutting
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • De-bossing
  • Printing

These are great presses for unique, creative applications on smaller sized items where you might need thick stock or want that special effect, like foil or printing you can feel. Examples might be:

  • Small boxes with various colored foils and/or embosses images
  • Coasters for special events, requiring thick, uncoated board stock.
  • Peel & stick labels with foil finishes
  • Business cards using printing that you can feel or various foil finishes or embossed
  • Invitations with embossed or de-bossed finishes and or foil

Whatever your need for attracting business or making yourself or business look unique, letterpress is an old world technology not replicated by the digital world.

If you can think it, chances are we can do it…