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Need Business Cards Printed?

Business cards remain one of the most inexpensive marketing tools you can use. It should be as unique in design as your budget allows, possibly utilizing foils or embossing, besides print. With that in mind, let us share some of the best business card printing ideas that we’ve seen over the last quarter century that we’ve been in business:

  • Make sure that every business card provides full, correct, legible contact information. For example, don’t include just the name and address, but remember the cell phone number, email address, web site and QR code, if appropriate. And, for goodness sake, have this information printed in a font size that’s easily readable!
  • If your firm’s name doesn’t clearly communicate what products or services you supply, add a tagline that does to your business cards. Even if your firm’s name describes your product or service, consider including a tagline anyway. (It’s okay to remind your customers or clients of what you do and why you’re special!)
  • If you work in the USA, size your business cards to 3.5 inches by 2 inches, as it fits all the standard business card holders. (Note: European business cards are often larger.)
  • Consider using the back of your business card to print more information such as special offers, information checklists, calendars or schedules.
  • Finally, use a stock and design that can be written upon, as many recipients may want to note time, date and place for future reference. That feature makes your business card a more important tool at networking events or trade shows.

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