Letterhead Printing

Need Letterhead Printing?

In these days of high-quality personal laser printers and decent quality inkjet printers, the idea of ordering a top-quality letterhead from a commercial printer may seem antiquated and almost quaint.

We all know business colleagues printing up letterhead on desktop laser printers, for example. Some people are even printing faux business cards on inexpensive business card stock.

But, very frankly, there’s a problem with these “home-brewed” approaches. Your firm’s letterhead and its business cards are often the first impressions that you make with prospective customers and clients.

Considering these facts, is going cheap on your letterhead really a good choice? Or maybe more to the point, is inexpensive, single-color, laser-printer-produced letterhead a case of being “penny-wise and pound foolish?”

We think so.

Obviously, you’ll need to answer this question for yourself. But if you decide on top-quality letterhead, we arrange to have your letterhead printing or business card printing done on an offset press… and in a manner that reflects the high quality of your firm’s products or services.

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