Need Embossing?

Embossing refers to a printing technique whereby an area on some printed item, such as a business card, a sheet of letterhead, a brochure, or presentation folder, is raised by heat-pressing a die into the surface of the paper. The combination of heat and pressure creates a “three-dimensional” effect. Both visually and tactilely, embossing then makes the embossed area quite literally “stand out.”

Embossing can be used on ink, on foil, and on “bare” paper. For this reason, you hear people talk about ink embossing, foil embossing, and blind embossing. “Blind embossing” refers to embossing on bare paper.

By the way, another technique that’s related to embossing is debossing. While embossing refers to raising the surface by pressing a die “up” into the paper, debossing refers to depressing the surface of the paper by pressing a die “down” into paper.

Embossing is beyond what the typical “through-the-mail” or “quick print” shop can do, but is no problem for us.

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